Contributing to improve our society

Society is the term we use to describe the group of people that lives in a concrete environment, but we know well this concept goes further and harbors a dynamic subject that changes with the contributions of its citizens.

I have always been very close to the idea of searching a free and fair society based on respect and solidarity that rule its activity. When we reach maturity, all we are called to collaborate with effort to improve our environment.

With this aim, I collaborate closely with several non-governmental organizations like Spanish association against cancer (AECC; Madrid) or different forum and working groups to translate a social democracy point of view to institutions to warrant a universal and high-quality healthcare. Currently I coordinate the health committee of the Local Forum in Moncloa-Avaraca city hall.

In the other hand, recently I role the Health department of  Comida para todosa NGO that is aware of feeding and nutrients access problems that vulnerable people have.

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